New office, new members, new customers

Tecinspire Team showing App2Day product on their mobiles

New office, new personnel and new customers

What a week for Tecinspire! First Matti Angeria joined us as software designer and then we moved to a new office. We have also new customers.  


Matti Angeria from TecinspireReinforcements have arrived!

Matti Angeria joined Tecinspire on Tuesday as software designer. We are so pleased that we found a perfect match to our existing team. Matti is a passionate software designer dedicated to usability and quality. In addition, he loves to exceed customer expectations with a great usability. See as an example of his earlier work. Matti will strengthen App2Day development.

“I’m extremely happy to join Tecinspire’s experienced crew. I have dreamed of working in a rocketing startup. Now I’m super motivated to jump into the App2Day development. ” – Matti Angeria, Software Designer, Tecinspire


New office

As we expanded we also moved to Teknologiantie 18. Our new office is hosted by Kielo Growth. We are happy to join Kielo’s startup incubator and active community. We are looking forward to network and co-operate with other companies in Kielo.

Tecinspire office
Our own office room in Kielo. Still some work to do with the decoration 🙂


Welcoming cake in Kielo Growth
Welcoming celebration in Kielo Growth today

New customers

During the spring we have delivered five projects for other companies. This work has delayed our own App2Day development, but also created a solid financial state for us for the future. Furthermore concerning App2Day, we will have some interesting news coming up so stay tuned.

Tecinspire has 100% Customer Satisfaction

Based on feedback 100% of our customers are satisfied with our services. Our next blog article will cover how we achieved 100% –> Any guesses? Feel free to comment below!